Ask Dr. Jesse Wednesday!

Dr. Jesse is in the house! Never fear. And I actually have a zombie apocalypse-related relationship question. This one is from Bridget:

Is it wrong to fake a gun jam and let your mate get eaten by flesh craving zombies if he annoys me too much or I meet a cuter survivor?

Now Bridget, there is one thing to remember in any relationship… everyone is annoying. Seriously, I’m sure your partner sometimes looks at you and thinks, “If she wasn’t brandishing that shotgun…” Sure, your guy might leave his socks on the floor or never clean the blood off his bat or always leaves you with the juiciest zombies even though he knows you hate sludge, but I’m sure he also has good qualities that attracted you in the first place. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can you depend on him? When you’re surrounded by zombies, does he show up, guns blazing? It’s hard to find someone who’ll take out the trash, let alone kill masses of the walking dead for you.
  • Is he a good planner? Never underestimate the value of someone who always grabs drygood and ammo when you stop along the road during an apocalypse. Or can find a way out of an abandoned warehouse filled with rabid zombie dogs.
  • Does he appreicate your skills? He might not always say it, but you should know that he respects your abilities.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your apocalyptic relationship may just be worth saving. If not… well, then let that bitch die and go for Hottie McShotgun.

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