Hello from the road!

Hello my zombie minions!

Well, we’re on the last couple of days before the official release of MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES (though many of you have reported you’ve already found the book in stores, hope you are loving it!!). But am I home hitting refresh on Amazon every five minutes and Googling myself and the book like I normally do when I have a book out?

The amazing answer is… no! And that’s a good thing.

Right now I’m in Tucson, AZ visiting my nephews! LittleZombie 1 is 2 and a half and the cutest thing ever. Little Zombie 2 was just born a couple weeks ago and may be the smartest, best baby in the history of mankind. Not that I’m biased or anything.

Of course this doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about the book or zombies or all of you potential readers out there. Every once in a while I’m playing in the pool with LZ1 and I want to scream out, “Zombie!” But I don’t because he’s little and it would scare him. Or I’ll be laying in bed at night and wondering if you’ll all be rushing out to buy the book.

I do plan on stopping by some local stores and signing any stock they may have, so if you live in the local area, do a check at your nearby stores in the next week or so and you could get an autographed copy! And if you see a redhead with two little kids in tow, staring at the fantasy section of the bookstore and screaming, “Zombie!”… well, come say hi. I could probably use the support. 🙂

  • Veronica

    Probably more fun if you encourage LZ1 and LZ2 to yell ZOMBIES with you. That way you get the added hilarity of them doing so in public when they’re with their mother.

  • Jennifer

    Hi Jesse, I am reading your book, Married With Zombies, right now. I am on page 80, and just to let you know buying the book was my boyfriends idea, he’s into reading zombie books, and even though zombie books aren’t quite my thing I have to say your has had my interest from page one. Wow, I don’t know what else to say but WOW and that I am already looking forward to your next book.

    I don’t know how you do it since i’m not a writer like you, and my usual genre is romance, mystery and the tried and true murder mysteries, but reading this book is opening my mind to new things and I think I like it.
    Thank you for writing and sharing your awesome talent with me.
    Belive when I tell that it’s definately appreciated.
    Your first time fan, Jen.

  • Thanks Jennifer!! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!!