Ask Dr. Jesse Wednesday

Hello and welcome to Ask Dr. Jesse Wednesday on Ye Olde Bloggy.  Today’s zombie relationship is from Bonniejane:

You’re traveling with your SO to head north, however s/he is not a good shot and isn’t bringing much to the table in terms of skills. What should I do?

In a relationship everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, even in a zombie apocalypse. So if you really want to make this work, ask yourself, is your mate really bringing nothing to the table? Are they great at salvaging when it comes to food, ammo or parts? What about negotiation when it comes to survivor camps? Maybe they reload better than anyone else. Or they can spot a zombie horde coming from a mile away (thus giving you lots of time to prepare). Look beyond the “shoot and kill” skills and evaluate outside the box.

Also, check out your own expectations. Not everyone is the crack shot you are immediately! Some people require more practice, so if you hang on a bit, you may find your mate steps up once you stop yelling (for the love of God, STOP YELLING) and start giving more positive reinforcement.

BUT if your mate really isn’t making it work and you feel you’ll just be bogged down in the long run by their ineptitude… well, it is a zombie apocalypse. Accidents happen…

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