Film Friday: Ozone

Summary: Cops Eddie and Mike get caught up in a trap by a drug dealer. But when both of them are injected with a new drug, Ozone, they find out these dealers are selling more than a high.

What I Liked: As my husband said after we watched this, one thing to like in this movie is a “flagrant use of fedoras”. This is supposed to be sort of a detective/zombie movie, so I guess they were going for a film noir thing with the fedoras. And that was cuteish. There’s a fight scene that is super dark (so it might have been cool if I could see it) but the fight involves axe handles with saw blades attached. I liked that. Weapons are some of my favorite things in zombie flicks.¬†Also, I liked the idea that someone would invent a drug that made people into zombies and the cops that get involved.

What I Didn’t Like: Well, it’s not really a zombie movie. The “zombies” maintain a lot of upper brain function and can talk and use weapons and stuff. They don’t try to eat anyone else. And they’re a lot more like demons than zombies. So it’s a demon movie that classifies itself as a zombie movie. Also, there just isn’t a lot of acting/emoting going on. The main character, Eddie, is a cop who never seems to be inspired to stop crime. He never seems scared or grossed out or freaked out. Just kind of… confused.

All in all, meh. It’s streaming for free at Netflix and if you have nothing better to do, I guess it’s better than cleaning the cat box.