Film Friday: Resident Evil

For this week’s Film Friday, I’m going to review a movie that is a little older, but a goodie in so many ways. Resident Evil came out in 2002 and was based on the popular video game of the same name. In it, heroine Alice wakes up with amnesia only to have her “home” raided by a special forces team that needs to gain access to the underground lab she’s, apparently, been protecting. As Alice remembers bits and pieces of the life she once led, she is faced with the flesh-eating zombie remnants of the dead from the lab accident that brought the soldiers to her door.

What I Liked: Alice is one of the baddest female heroines ever. She’s tough, but still feminine, she’s smart and she’s resourceful. I like her slow realization of both her own training and her questions about whether or not she’s a good guy in the scenario she faces. Also, the zombies are awesome. When the woman floating in the tank opens her eyes… creepy! Plus, the bad guy is Umbrella Corp and a british sounding computer. What could be better?

What I Don’t Like:  This is my personal thing, but I just do not like Michelle Rodriguez, who plays soldier Rainn. She just plays the same bitchy, unlikeable person in every movie. Her toughness is so forced and has nothing grounded in realism in it. Also, the ending is a little meh because it’s such a hard sell on the second movie.

But otherwise, it’s a solid B+ and one of the few movies made from a video game premise that actually works. You can find it… um, everywhere because the series goes on and on.