It’s Release Day! And YOU can win.

Holy Hannah!

It’s here! It’s finally here! I can hardly believe it that after all these months and all the great pre-press from Orbit and reviews from you that MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES is officially on the shelves. I hope if you go looking for it that you’ll ask for it if it’s not on the shelves at your bookstore. And I’d love it if you posted a review on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble or any of your own blogs. Buzz me and I’ll love you forever!

To prove it, I’m also holding a contest for you! Here is how it will work:

I want pictures of you with MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES! They can be funny, they can be scary, they can even just be of your holding it in the bookstore! I just want to see that book with real readers! You can send the pictures to me at or if you’re a fan on Facebook, you can upload the pictures right to my Fan Page (but only do one of those two things, don’t send it twice). I’ll collect all of them from today, September 1 until September 30and then ZombieBoy and I will look at them all and pick THREE winners.

1. The funniest picture.
2. The scariest picture.
3. A random winner drawn from all the pictures.

What will you win? An advanced bound galley of FLIP THIS ZOMBIE directly from Orbit! So you’ll get to read the second book in the “Living With the Dead” series before it hits shelves!  Which is pretty cool (at least for me).

So go out, find the book, buy it, hopefuly love it and then send me your best photo for the MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES contest!