Opening Week is Over

Hello Minions from my actual home!

Yes, I have returned to my humble abode in the Midwest after a massively great trip to Tucson to visit family. Here is a picture of LittleZombie1 with Aunt Jesse’s new book:

Why, yes, he is doing rock and roll devil horns. We’re teaching him well.

Now, on to real business… the book release! Thanks to all of you who have blogged about and reviewed MWZ! I love seeing your posts and tweets all over the interwebs and I beg you to keep it up. You see, something unfortunate happened on the way to publication. A major bookseller didn’t get their order in somehow and so the  books aren’t on their shelves. They’re working to resolve this and they tell me the books should be in all stores by next week, but this kind of snafu can really kill a book’s numbers and ultimately… an author’s tiny little career. So it would be doing me a total solid if you kept talking about the book and letting people know that it SHOULD be in stores and is shipping from online outlets within 24hrs if their own local store is slow to stock it.

Needless to say, this little development caused some crying and not from the two and a half year old and the one-month old I was visiting. But all your lovely comments did help so once again… thanks! I’m glad so many of you are finding the book and reading the book and getting the funny and spreading the virus. Er, the word.

And now I’m off to enter the second week of sales, where I drink heavily, check numbers… oh, and go to Washington, DC to watch my husband run the Nation’s Triathlon. He’s swimming, biking, running, I’m refreshing, google blog checking and amazon freaking. Same thing, right?

  • Bonniejane O.

    I’m sure you will burn the same amount of calories, but yours would be from stress and nerves. Luck to your husband at the Triathlon!

  • OMG what a stressful week when it should’ve been Cloud 9. Well, it’ll all work out. Think positive!!! Love ya.

  • Danielle Gorman

    OMG what lamesauce! Hopefully everyone starts to find it now. Loved it btw. Oh, and Littlezombie1 is just too cute! Hope this week goes better for you. You rock!

  • You might want to check out Hathor Legacy on the 27th-it’s being reviewed there. 🙂