Zombies: Bringing Families Together

So a week or so ago, I had the weirdest conversation with my Dad. See, he read Married With Zombies. Now this is a weird thing anyway. First, he’s not a zombie fan. He’s more a “grounded in real life” guy. Which is cool, but he just doesn’t really go for Sci-Fi/Fantasy normally. Second, he’s not read any of my books before (I also write romance under another name and I didn’t want him scarred for life so this was a good thing for both of us). But he decided to read MWZ and so I waited with bated breath in the hopes he would like it.

So then he called me. And he liked it (phew) but he also had some things to say. Mostly about what we would do in a zombie apocalypse. Let me reiterate… I had a conversation with my very “grounded in reality” Dad about what we would do in a zombie apocalypse. Here was his plan:

1. Get to my parents. This was the step that we were least concerned with, though to be honest, it’s the one that screws my pooch the most. Um, I live in Illinois, my parents live in Idaho. We have a lot of miles to cover to get there. Lots of zombie-infested miles. Oh well. I guess we’ll work it out when the apocalypse starts. Right? Right? Shit.

2. Sort out the weaponry. My Dad is a sportsman, so there is a lot of weaponry to be sorted out. Which is… awesome. I think we may have debate about who gets which gun, but he’ll win. So there’s that.

3. Start shooting. He says we’ll just need people to help us reload, so I guess that will be Mom’s job? She’s a pretty good shot herself, though, so it seems a waste. But at any rate, apparently we’ll be just firing, trading off guns and firing some more. Sounds like fun, eh?

Now I discussed this plan with my mother and she mentioned a few issues. First, she brought up that they have a huge picture window on the front of the house. Problem. But see, this is why we will all have jobs. Someone will have to sure up that window while all the shooting is going on.

All in all, it was one of the weirdest conversations I’ve ever had with either of my parents. And yet, it’s good to know they’re ready for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. One less thing to worry about.

So how about all of you? Any of you had these important conversations with your family? What’s your zombie apocalypse plan?

  • My parents are zombie deniers and have no plans whatsoever for the Impending Zombie Apocalypse, but they got pretty concerned about Y2K and made all kinds of plans back then, and I’m sure they still have their emergency rations stashed in the basement. So if they can just lie low, they may be okay for awhile.

    We, on the other hand, have a very concrete Zombie Contingency Plan. As in, a big concrete bunker-style building right behind our house. No, we didn’t build it ourselves – we’re not THAT crazy – but we do have one. It’s actually a switching station for the local phone company and it has its own generator. No windows, just 2 doors for exit (and they’re steel reinforced!), and the whole thing is concrete block. Two stories high.

    How do we get in there, you ask, without destroying fortifications that could be important later on? Easy. My hubby is a volunteer fireman and the phone company gave him a key to keep just in case there’s a problem with the generator or something. We are so in there at the first moan.

  • Jesse

    Nice, way to use your connections in the zombie apocalypse! That’s the kind of stuff that keeps you alive.

  • Bonniejane O.

    David and I are going to wait for my family to get up here, and then we are going north. As north as possible.