Ask Dr. Jesse Wednesday

Hello gentle readers! I hope the past week has found you zombie-free and cultivating those relationships in preparation for the big Z.A. (that would be Zombie Apocalypse). I heard the awesome Nathan Fillion mentioned the upcoming end of days via zombie horde on his show “Castle”, so you know, even Hollywood is catching on (now if only they would option MWZ for the big screen).

At any rate, this week’s Ask Dr. Jesse question comes from Charles, who asks:

Hmmmm is it necrophila if ya have sex with your zombie spouse???

Yes. Next question?

What, you want in depth analysis from good old Dr. J? FINE.

A zombie may look like your dearly departed Debbie, but she is not. Poor Debs took the z-train to braaaainsville the moment the zombie bit her. The best thing you can do is to use your shotgun, dry your tears and find a badass new girl who can soothe your wounds and watch your ass.

That said, if the aforementioned Nathan Fillion were zombiefied and came knocking on my door, I’d probably hesitate a minute before shooting him into oblivion, too. Nummy.

  • Mmmmm… Zombie Captain Tightpants! Even if he’s slimy and gross.