Looking for Guest Posters!!

Hello zombiephiles!

Well, I’m very happy to announce that EAT SLAY LOVE has been turned in to my awesome Orbit editor! And how am I celebrating?

I’m taking a break!

Yes, I’m going to be stepping back, spending time with family and generally doing nothing! I’m setting up a bunch of posts to publish, so the blog will still have fun and exciting things on it. BUT I’m also looking for some help so this is your official call to arms:

Are you a huge zombie fan? A zombie writer? A proprietor of zombie product (for zombies or for zombie fighters)? Do you want to have a post on my blog? Just contact me at zombiegirl@jessepetersen.net and we’ll set you up! You can review a zombie movie, a zombie book (including MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES), talk about your upcoming zombie walk or fantasy con… whatever! As long as it has to do with zombies and will entertain the kind of people who would like MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES, then I’d love to share your thoughts here!

So contact me!