Misc stuff

Hey everyone!

No Dr. Jesse this week because I’m out of questions! Please add some to the queue here on the site, at the Facebook fan page or @jessepet on Twitter.

Of course this gives me some time to update you on some upcoming news!

1. ZomBcon in Seattle, WA 10/29-10/31 — I’m heading West on Friday and will be in Seattle in time for Zombie Prom. Then Saturday, 10/30 I’ll be signing books at 1pm and on a panel at 4pm. Sunday I have two panels. Also I’m going to try to hit the zombie wedding since Orbit has donated 100 copies of MWZ for the “guests”. Plus… BRUCE FREAKING CAMPBELL. That is all.

2. The Walking Dead — It starts Sunday on AMC and I am going to be recapping it/giving my opinion here on the blog each week. So look for that coming soon!! I’ll be traveling during Monday, so Week 1 recap might not be until Tuesday or Wednesday,  but I’ll let you all know when it’s up and hopefully I can get on a regular schedule for it once I’m done traveling mid-November.

3. Non-zombie related but I’m so freaking glad Brock Lesner lost his UFC belt on Saturday. I mean, seriously. So. Happy. 🙂

That’s it from my corner of the zombieverse! See some of you this weekend in Seattle!!!

  • omg. omg. omg. BRUCE CAMPBELL. He’s my hero. My hubby and I have loved him since Army of Darkness. I could cry. SO looking forward to The Walking Dead, have been reading the comics since they came out. Have fun, wish I was on the west coast sos I could get a signature 🙂 ZomBcon – must look into that – didn’t know there was such a thing…