FLIP THIS ZOMBIE will be in stores January 1, 2011! And now that we’re more than halfway through October, that date is seming closer than ever!! So I now present to you, a sneak peek of FLIP THIS ZOMBIE (you can also read the whole first chapter here at the site):

“So,” The Kid said with a grin wide enough to split his face. “What are we doing now? Catching or killing zombies?”

I sent a side glance toward Dave and he sent the same toward me. At the moment, nothing was really resolved and neither one of us was in a big damned hurry to flinch first in our fight.

Before one of us could, though, The Kid pointed. “Better decide fast. Look, a loner zombie!”

I followed where he was pointing. We had turned back onto the main road that led to the highway. The overpass was about a quarter of a mile away, a big wide hill that lead East or West down the 202 depending on which way you turned.

At the top of that big hill was a pacing zombie, almost like he was waiting for something. He was exactly the kind we wanted to catch since he was alone and in an area where there wasn’t much chance that something else was hiding. If we were going to keep catching, I guess a decision was going to have to be made about it.


We all stared as Dave slowed the vehicle to nothing more than a crawl. We were so far away that unless we made a big noise or did something else to draw attention to ourselves, a zombie wouldn’t notice us.

Except that I could have sworn this one did. Its pacing slowed and it seemed to turn toward us and shift its weight.

“Get me the glock with the scope,” I said softly, waving my hand in the back toward The Kid.

To my surprise, he didn’t argue or refuse to do what I asked. I heard him shuffling around and then felt the heavy weight of the semi-automatic in my palm. I lifted the gun and peered through scope.

The zombie was everything we’d come to expect from the living dead. Gray skin, black sludge caked around the mouth, rotting body. Only this one still managed to be different somehow. For one thing, he was bigger than your average zombie. I’m not talking Resident Evil ridiculous, of course, but this guy had been a big boy in life, bigger even than the Arnold Schwarzenegger wannabe zombie I’d lured to our net trap yesterday.

But that wasn’t all that separated him from your average, run of the mill infected bastard. Unlike the other zombies I’d seen over the past few months, his pacing had a purposeful quality to it. He wasn’t just shambling aimlessly. He was waiting. Watching.

And in that moment, he lifted his head and he looked right at us. Through the high-powered scope I could see pretty good detail on his face. There was no doubt about it, he was really looking. Seeing us even though we were too far away for most zombies to notice through their rotting eyes.

He tilted his head back and let out a moaning groan that was loud enough to be heard even all the way at our car.

“Shit, David,” I whispered, my tone laced with two emotions that bubbled inside of me like boiling oil. First there was fear, intense and powerful like I hadn’t felt since that awful moment when we saw a zombie for the first time.

But there was something else, too. Excitement. My heart raced with it and my hands shook as I continued to stare through the scope.

“What is it?” he whispered.

I lowered the scope and looked at him. “I think that might be a bionic zombie.”


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