Witchy Woman

Hello all!

Well, we have reached the most awesome week for zombie lovers… Halloween and I actually had a chance to start my celebration early this year. On Sunday I headed to our small local zoo (where I volunteer every week) and played a Storytelling Witch for the children at our Miller Park Zoo Halloween Celebration! Here I am as a witch: 

I handed out stickers, read an interactive story and enjoyed all the little ghosts and goblins (and Yoda and a Yellow Submarine and a Sock Monkey). The best thing is that I can reuse this costume as my zombie prom outfit for ZomBcon this coming weekend! I’m think shred one sleeve, lose the other, put some bloody handprints on the green and throw a Prom Queen sash on, not to mention gobs of blood and gray skin and I’ll be set! And yes, I  WILL post pictures of that next week!

But Viva La Halloween Awesome! Anyone else starting their celebrations early?

  • cora

    hey! i just wanted to say i went out and bought your book,”married with zombies” yesterday. its amazing i cant put it down! I’m totally not a reader but i love this book! so just to say I’m half way through it already! just wanted to tell you i love it and admire your style of writing! keep up the good work! cant wait for book 2!

    – Cora

  • I also volunteer at my local zoo (and managed to get a job there on the weekends!!) Halloween is such a wonderful time at the zoo!