Hi everyone!

I know not everyone who comes here is American (shout out, world!) but tomorrow we enter our Thanksgiving holiday. Of course, this always makes me less snarky and more warm and fuzzy about the world and everything I have to be thankful about. So… thank you to Orbit for being so awesome to work with. Thank you to my agent for putting up with… um… me. Thank you to EVERYONE who bought MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES and who plans on buying FLIP THIS ZOMBIE and EAT SLAY LOVE. You buy the cat food in our house, and we appreciate it. The cats say Meow You.

And finally thank you to all of you who have fanned me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter, who have emailed me to say you liked the book, who have been excited and thrilled and reviewed the book anywhere and everywhere. As a writer who sometimes stays in her pajamas all day and lives in a small room where I have to crane my head to look out the window… it’s very appreciated.

  • KrazyKain

    As a proud purchaser of Married with Zombies I’d like to say thank YOU for writing it!

    And you bet I plan on buying Flip This Zombie and Eat Slay Love (I see what you did there…), but how about updating your website with the actual release date for flip this? January’s passed 😛

  • Jesse

    FLIP is out now! It came out in January. 🙂