5 Favorite Childhood Things

I’ve been thinking a lot lately (obviously if you read last week’s post) about stuff from my childhood. There were so many things that I just fell in love with and they helped to shape who I am as a person today. So here are 5 of my favorite childhood things:

5. The Chronicles of Narnia — Fantasy/wardrobes/talking animals… oh and religious undercurrents (though I don’t think I really caught on to those as a child). Awesomeness. I was so in love and wished I could go through a wardrobe, too, and find a new world. I think I actually checked all our closets at home, but alas, they weren’t real wardrobes. I’ll just have to keep looking. I’ll find you yet, Narnia!

4. The Goonies — Oh my GOD, I wanted to be a Goonie so bad! I actually think that really worked in Spielberg movies of the day (and why I’m sort of curious what a Spielberg produced, JJ Abrams directed Super 8 will be like). Normal, geeky kids who have an adventure. They don’t need adults. They can do this. They’re going to find One-Eyed Willie and his pirate booty. And it’s going to be AWESOME!!!! When the Goonie house came up for sale a few years ago, I seriously thought about buying it. Enough said.

3. Atari — I am a gamer girl. I love video games and we play our XBox360 regularly. But the first system I fell in love with was the Atari. Space Invaders. Rocked. My. World. I still figure there may be invaders from space at some point. And I will know how to crush them. So don’t be scared.

2. Anne of Green Gables — I’m a girl. Don’t forget that. I loved Anne of Green Gables. I wanted to be her friend. I wanted to marry Gilbert Blythe. I wanted a bosom friend like Diana. I wanted to move to Prince Edward Island and ride a bike along the bluffs. Hang on, I still want those things.

1. Star Wars — What else could it be? The most influential entertainment of my childhood was Star Wars. My heart still swells when I hear the music. I can quote almost every line. I wanted crazy Leia hair, but mine was too blonde and too fine. Stupid hair. There are many disappointments in the intervening years. I hardly ever watch the trilogy anymore because I kind of get angry. But that universe and those characters mattered to me. And hell, they still do.

Goonies Don’t Give Up. Nerfhurters.



  • Watch Star Wars with a kid. It’ll make you appreciate it again, Jesse.

  • Jesse Petersen

    Yeah, that’s my plan. We have two nephews, so I think when they’re a little older I’ll watch with them and hopefully fall in love again.

  • Kathryn in Montreal

    I’m also a huge Anne of Green Gables fan… I still re-read those books on a fairly regular basis. I think my favourites from the series were Anne of Green Gables, Rilla of Ingleside and The Story Girl. Fabulous stories, strong values, and a simpler life. Sigh…. I so wanted to be like Anne…and my daughter is going to school in PEI this year so I get to visit a couple of times!