Dear God, It’s the Ice Cream Man!!!

It’s summer and I love it. I love that it’s warm and that the grass is green and that I can wear capris and write outside (well, I could if I still had patio furniture, stupid move). But there is one really scary thing about summer. One thing I almost dare not speak about…

The ice cream man.

Oh he seems all nice. The happy music, the yummy treats, the children running and full of happiness as they clutch their money.

But I’m scared of the ice cream man. I think it’s because I watch too many “Murder Death Kill” shows. C’mon!!! He’s got a refridgerated truck! He can draw you in all innocently! He’s just CREEPY!!!

So go ahead, run for the ice cream. But don’t call me when you get your hand eaten. I will only say I told you so.