EAT SLAY LOVE Release Day!!!!

It’s the day I’ve waited for. It’s the day a lot of you have been waiting for! Happy Release day to EAT SLAY LOVE!!!!

Check out the description and 1st chapter here!

Eat Slay Love

Pick it up, devour it, love it! Tell me about it when you’re done!

  • frank c.

    Excellent book!! Fits very well with the rest of the series. Fantastic ending. Now is this the end of the series?

  • Jenna

    Kindle won’tdownload it until the 1st =(

  • Marc T.

    Picked it up yesterday….could only find 1 copy at Barnes and Noble, so I grabbed it and quick stepped to the counter like I was holding the nuclear football. In one day, I have made it about a 1/3 of the way through before my boss started asking about work I was putting off.

    Oh well. When the apocalypse comes….he won’t be prepared….mwahahahaha

    Ok, seriously…love the book so far, love the series. Great work!!

  • Patty P

    I love this series but please tell me this isn’t the end?

  • I love it! I really, REALLY hope there will be more in this series, and soon! I finished it in two days!

  • Kym

    AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! I absolutely love this series, I cannot get enough of it. I’ve read all the books in about a day each, I just devour them. Sarah and Dave are fantastic characters who are so real, lovable and easy to relate too. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them, I hope there’s more!

  • fredA

    Love the series. This can’t be the end, there are too many things left hanging.