Personal Day… week… maybe a month

Right now there is massive chaos in my personal life so I’m not going to be able to update the site right now or tweet and stuff. Consider this a personal day. In the mean time, I hope you’ll pick up the new IN THE DEAD: Volume 1, which is available for Kindle and Nook now (and no, it won’t be a real book. Please see my many posts on indie publishing before you ask me about it).

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I’ll try to get back online when I can and update everyone on everything. And I will be working on a new book starting next month that I can’t wait to share info about with you! 🙂

So until I’m back… avoid the zombies.

  • Lucy

    I was just wondering when/if your books will be avaiable in ebook format in Canada. I read the first on my aunt’s Nook and really enjoyed it. But I don’t buy paper books anymore, so I was wondering if you knew.


  • Vince Fahey

    Hi Jesse,

    Just finished In the Dead and really enjoyed it. Nice cross-section of stories told from varying points of view… I appreciate that you kept within the confines of a zombie world and surviving in it for 99% of the collection. To me, zombies work best when the entire world has been thrown into desolation. Once parts of the world become “re-civilized”, it ceases to be as scary because it means the hope of returning to the way things used to be has been achieved. The scary part of zombies (outside of the creatures themselves, and their eating of others) is a world thrown into chaos and utter disrepair. That’s as important an element of Z stories as anything else. I find I don’t enjoy books as much when they stray to far from that….

    In any case, thanks for these four books, and welcome to Arizona. It’s hotter than shit here but outside of these 3-4 months, the rest of the year is great. Not sure what part of the state you’re in, but there is a great mystery bookstore in Scottsdale called the Poisoned Pen. They do a TON of signing and talks with authors and it’s a great place. Maybe you can contact Barbara Peters, the owner about doing a signing there… I’d love to come by and meet you and bring the Living with the Dead series to get signed. You can find their website at

    Good luck!!