Zombies = Arizona?

There’s a pattern to my life. I get up, I write, I edit, I watch CourtTv (TruTV whatever they want to be called). I pet a cat. Or two. I’m pretty predictable.  The same has seemed to ring true when it comes to my zombie books. The common thread?


Many of you may already know from Twitter/Facebook/here that we have family there and are in the process of moving there in order to be closer to them. I think the zombies approve and here’s why:

1. When MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES came out, I was in Arizona. The picture to the left is my awesome nephew, Little Zombie 1, enjoying his copy of MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES. It’s Little Zombie Approved.

2. When I was writing FLIP THIS ZOMBIE, we had just returned from another trip to Arizona, this time to Phoenix where my husband ran the Rock N Roll Half Marathon there. It ended up being a research trip, too. A lot of the places and things Sarah and David see in FLIP come from that trip.

3. Right now, at this very moment, EAT SLAY LOVE is out. And where am I? Arizona. Looking for a house. Hugging Little Zombie 1 and Little Zombie 2. Complaining about the heat and getting very excited about the new life Mike and I are planning. A life that will include little zombies, the desert and a lot of writing and publishing of new books for you.

So thank Arizona. And thank the zombies. Without them, none of this would be possible.

  • I live in NY, but I love Arizona. It’s so diverse and beautiful. I love the desert in the south and the gorgeous mountains and Grand Canyon in the north. Good luck with your house hunting!

  • Meghan

    All of us here in AZ are excited to know that you will be joining us on a permanent basis soon. 🙂 Enjoy the heat in the winter and the AC in the summer. We would also like to suggest that as a celebration of your moving to AZ, you should have a book signing! Or at least consider coming to the Phoenix ComiCon next year! 🙂 We would love to have you.

  • Steve

    Hi Jesse,

    This is my first visit to your site. I just started reading your series earlier this month and am about 1/3 the way through the third book. I actually live in north Phoenix so for me its pretty cool to have an author I read live in the same general area. I will watch for Book release and signing events.

    So how did i start reading Living with the Dead series? I am glad you asked. I was on vacation for two weeks the end of July and first part of August in Europe. One day while out walking around Amsterdam i came across an English book store so I stopped in. As I was browsing the book shelves i came across the first book in the Living with the dead series. I read the description chuckled out-loud and put it back on the self. I kept looking around the book store for awhile and every time I passed that section I picked your book back up and looked at it. Eventually i bought it before leaving the store because the premise sounded fun and interesting.

    Now remember I am in Amsterdam, English book prices are, well lets say more than in the US which was why i was reluctant to try a new book since it was 17.50 Euro, which is around $22 US. Needless to say before i left Europe to come home i downloaded book two on my Nook because I didn’t want to be half way through 13 hours of flights and not know what was happening to Sarah and David.

    I hope to see a book four soon since it wont be long before i finish book three. Welcome to Arizona!! While the summers are hot, the fall, winter and spring are awesome!!