Back in Black

Actually, I’m wearing purple currently, so I guess… Back in Purple? Finally, some of my “real life” stuff has calmed down a little and I’m actually writing again. What am I writing? Well, no zombies this time, but something funny and different. Monsters. In New York. In a support group together. Who start getting killed the same way they did in their movies/books and have to figure out if they want to hide or be monsters.

It’s super fun to write and I hope you guys will like it. After that? I think Dave and Sarah might have at least one more adventure in them. And I might write some more “In the Dead” stories, too, for another collection. So the zombies will make a comeback in 2012!

Whatever it is I do, it’s something I’m going to have fun doing! And if you have fun reading it… then I did my job. 🙂

So I’m back. In purple. And this Fall is going to be EPIC.

  • Sounds great! Anthropomorphized monsters is always a good topic!

  • Jenna

    I am so excited!!

  • Jenn (no relation to Jenna)

    I mean this in the most sincere, non-ass-kissy way…I think anything you write will be gold! I can’t wait to read the new stuff!

  • Justin

    Sounds awesome! Stoked!!