Ask Me Anything

Thanks to the awesomeness of zombie fans, I get quite a bit of email/twitter @s/Facebook posts and lots of times I just can’t get to all of them in a timely fashion. So today I’m asking you… ask me anything. I will either answer today OR I’ll make an entire blog post out of the question.

So ask me about me, writing, publishing, zombies, cats, video games, life, Monty Python’s Meaning of Life, whatever.

This could be fun… or utterly terrifying. Now… GO!

  • Leshia

    Let’s be honest: All fiction is somewhat autobiographical. So tell me, how many zombies have you killed and what’s your weapon of choice? 🙂

    • Jesse Petersen

      This is top secret info. I’m not allowed to tell for fear of losing my place on the right side of the Midwest Wall. So I’ll say… nooooone. But if I were to have killed any, I think a shotgun would be my weapon of choice. It is in Halo, so why not?

  • Well since you said we can ask you anything I have to ask this: Joss Whedon. You had me at “The couple who slays together” but when I got to page 60 and Sarah looked at the safe “with the same reverence I would have used if I saw Joss Whedon” I literally got up and did the Happy Dance!
    So I guess my question is this: what’s your favorite Whedon-verse? And can you please turn your series into a weekly television show? Because you’re that good.

    • Jesse Petersen

      Really anything with Nathan Fillion is yummy. The thing I’ve most enjoyed was Dr. Horrible. Nathan AND Neil Patrick Harris?? Singing!!! Um. Yes.

      I wish I could see MWZ and the other books made into a series or movie. Unfortunately, that isn’t in my hands. No one has optioned rights.

  • Ruth Thompson

    Any chance you feel like tell us the name of your other writing alter ego(s)? and if you have plans for other zombie series?

    • Jesse Petersen

      I write romance novels as Jenna Petersen. The website is I figure most of my zombie readers aren’t really into that sort of thing, but I love those books and am very proud of them. I have a monster book my agent is pitching and I am writing something new that has to do with zombies. I have no idea if anyone (meaning publishers) will want to buy them, though, so that will dictate it more than if I want to do it. 🙂

  • Liz miles

    If you had to use a fruit to kill someone, what fruit would it be and why?

    • Jesse Petersen

      Coconut. You could definitely smash a skull with one.

  • Radio Shack Manager

    So…I know Mike loves/d Halo…you mentioned it a lot in the trilogy…I know Mike got superhuman…so…How much of Mike is Dave? I’m quite sure Sarah is all you….who was Mike’s Xbox buddy with the hygiene problem?

  • Jesse Petersen

    Dave isn’t Mike. And I think I’m way nicer than Sarah.

  • The question I typically ask authors is what advice would you give to an aspiring author?

    • Jesse Petersen

      The market is really hard right now in traditional New York publishing. Write a great book, edit it, work hard on your package for submission, think outside the box. Get a great agent if you can (it’s easier said than done). Do research on the market, your options and promotion. Start building a platform before you sell (if you can) by having something to say. Don’t expect you’re going to get what you want, but hope for it. Be ready for pain and also excitement.

  • Warren Lewis

    there is a book on Amazon called Zombie business that isnt on your listings here on your most awesome website. Is it one of yours? if it is i will buy it yesterday hehe. i have posted the link so you can see for your self.

    Also, Thankyou….
    There are very few Zobmie series out there that are written so well that they keep you interested. You will forever have me as a huge fan.

    • Jesse Petersen

      That’s the French version of FLIP THIS ZOMBIE. So you could buy it, but it would be in french and the same book. LOL

  • Anastacia Kontz

    I’ll ask the question that’s on everyone’s minds. Any more plans for Sarah and Dave? I absolutely love them. And, to be honest, as much as I love my zombies, I love romances just as much. So the combo is just an over the moon experience for me. Thanks so much for doing what you do!

    • Jesse Petersen

      Well, at this point Orbit doesn’t want anymore and other publishers very rarely pick up a series after three books unless it like hit the NY Times or something. If you want more Dave/Sarah books, my suggestion would be to nicely let Orbit know. Their contact info is: is their contact page or facebook at and Tweet @orbitbooks.

      Grassroots (and maybe winning this Goodreads thing, I have no idea how much weight they would give it) may be the only way to see more books in the series traditionally published.

  • Another aspiring writer here. Your books are among those that make me want to write. I have a 3-part question.

    1. What does your writing schedule look like?

    2. How did it differ before you were a full time writer?

    3. I firmly believe that any writer must read. I write but the more I read the more I get drawn in and pulled away from the writing. How do you balance reading and writing.

    Hope that’s not too much to answer. Thanks!

    • Jesse Petersen

      I write five days a week and I have a page goal, so the time/hours vary on how productive I am. Once I reach the goal, I’m done. I have pretty much always written full-time, even long before I was published so I couldn’ really answer number two. I can’t imagine it would be different, the page goal would probably just be smaller, maybe, to fit the lack of time. As far as reading/writing, I don’t balance it very well. If I write for 6 hours, I have a hard time wanting to read. I am in a book club, so I get at least one book a month in and usually in very different genres.

  • Where do you do most of your writing, what time of day, and for how many minutes/hours at a time? Also, is there a beverage involved? Alcoholic or caffeinated (or both?!)?

    • Jesse Petersen

      See the above answer. 🙂 As for beverage, I don’t actually drink pretty much ever (it’s not a moral choice, just don’t like the taste/calories/getting drunk). But there is always Vanilla Coke Zero. 🙂

  • Dave (not married to a Sarah, though)

    I am also a writer, mostly of short stories though. My question is what is the most rewarding part of the writing process to you (and if I can add a follow up), what is the most disheartening/difficult part of the process? Also, I saw your answer stating that you were in a book club, are you also in a writing group (or have you ever been)? I could keep going, but I’ll stop for now and let you catch up, ha ha! PS, thanks for the stories, they’re great and I hope to see more!

    • Jesse Petersen

      The writing part is really the most rewarding part for me. I lose myself in it. And also being able to talk to people who have read and enjoyed the books. The hardest part is really the publishing industry. It is entirely frustrating to put out the best product you can and have it go no where.

      I am a member of Romance Writers of America, but I haven’t been in a critique group for some time.

  • Kristian Villanueva

    Hi do you know that your books are sold here in the Philippines?

    I just bought your book 2 days ago (married with zombies). And it’s very entertaining. I loved it and I hope you make more.

  • Jesse Petersen

    Wow, how cool! In English? That’s awesome!! Enjoy. 🙂

  • AJ Millward

    Hi, Jesse!

    I absolutely love your 3 books on the zombies i mean, I never really was into the whole reading theory untill i was stood in Waterstones flipping pages through one of your books untill a store worker came over and said “Hi, Can i help you” Noticing i’d read through 3 chapters stood there for a while! Pretty funny if you ask me, First thing came to my mind was “Yes, I’ll have this book” Before even finishing i noticed there was 2 others books which i imidiantly went and brought!

    Just the one thing i want to know, ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE A MOVIE?! Because i would so go to see it! Also buy the DVD!

    Your new converted book reader 🙂

  • Sam Berndt

    Hi Jesse!

    I just (about 5 minutes ago) finished the last book in the “Living with the Dead” series. And I have to admit, it’s probably ranking up there as #1 (kodos for you!)

    Anyways, I was wondering, I remember in a previous post of yours that your publisher(?) won’t allow you to make another book with the beloved Sarah and Dave…but I feel like you defiantely should. I want to know what happends with the cure and so on, it just ended.. so adruptly. I feel like you owe it to your readers to conclude the story, since no other zombie book does XD

    Also, I don’t really want to give away the ending for those who haven’t finished the series yet, but what made you decide to end the series that way? And did you expect there to be another book yourself; or is that just how you decided to end it?

    One of your many fans,


  • Hamilton

    Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your Living With the Dead Trilogy. I really hope Orbit will have you do another one (will be asking them to myself shortly). But my questions is are you stalking my wife and I 🙂 The books were great and the interaction between Dave and Sarah constantly reminded me of my wife and I. My only questions is, do you make a book cover for these so big macho men like me and Dave don’t have to carry around pink books…j/k..but seriously need man version..*cave man grunt*