Kids These Days

I’m officially getting old. I have a three-year-old nephew. And here we are in the car and he wants my phone. To play games. Which he can load and play all by himeself. Working the menus, please he doesn’t need Aunt Jesse for that. He’s got it.

You know what this means, right? First off, the kid knows more about my phone than I do. I didn’t even know about Angry Birds (I’m not big on phone games). Secondly, he and his tiny pre-schooler friends will soon take over the world. I fear they will be harsh task masters, demanding more juice and chicken nuggets. All the grown-ups will be in time out permanently. There will be no naps.

In short, mass hysteria.

Of course, when the zombies come, I doubt they’ll be ready to handle them. Not without a nap. And not running entirely on chicken nuggets. In this instance, the zombies will be the only thing that saves us.

  • Warren Lewis

    Up until a week ago i would have agreed with you about phone games until i came across “Zombieville USA”. I promise you this game is addictive, i have not been able to put it down. And the best part is, it is keeping with the theme.