5 Writer Resolutions

Most people make resolutions in January, welcoming the new year with thoughts of how they’d like to be/act/change/etc. And I make those, for sure. But I also like to check in throughout the year, setting smaller goals and re-evaluating where I stand on the goals I have made already. So here are five of my writer resolutions.

1. Finish the projects I have contracted. Right before Christmas I sold three books under my ‘other’ name. And I have given myself some very tough deadlines, so my priority at this moment is to finish those books. One is done and turned in (YAY), one I just started last week and is due the end of March. The third is due the end of April. It’s a tight schedule, but it’s coming along and I’m happy to be working again.

2. Finish IN THE DEAD: Volume 2. These short stories are something I enjoy working on, plus it lets me give you a little glimpse at Dave and Sarah (“Dave Speaks”) and maybe revisit some of my favorite characters from Volume 1. I’m hoping for an early March release if I can finish everything soon.

3. Look at other projects. I have projects I’m interested in doing for my other names and also there’s always the 4th Dave and Sarah book. Once I’m done with the above projects, it’s all about evaluating my other projects and scheduling time to write them.

4. Read, read, read. One thing that sometimes goes by the wayside when I’m writing up a storm is reading. I have so many fun books and interesting books just waiting for me. So I’m going to try to read more this year. This month, two books. One for my book club (Ann Pratchett) and one other one at least.

5. Be kinder to myself. I don’t know how other writers feel, but I spend a lot of my day beating myself up. Do it faster, do it better, why didn’t this happen, why did this happen… it’s a constant stream of battering myself. And I need to be nicer to myself. I wouldn’t let some other person talk to me that way.

Funny how all my resolutions have to do with doing more and then giving myself a break if I can’t do all those things. Catch-22? Yeah, maybe. But that’s why resolutions were made to change, bend, break and be fulfilled.