Summer Newsletter 2012

Hello Friends!

So it’s been a few months since I last posted a newsletter here and there are lots of things going on in my life! Of course, some of them I can’t tell you about yet (silly old publishing world) but I’ll be posting another update soon, I hope, with some news. Before you ask, it’s not a movie (that’s been the big question).

But as I wait for news about my news, I’ve been busy doing some other things! First, I’ve started designing jewelry, specializing in Geeky things and zombie jewelry! Here are a few samples:

You can find these and many more at my new etsy store: and there is a discount running right now just for my readers/fans on June 1-2. Enter FRIENDS1 at checkout and you can get 25% off the price of any item you order.

On other fronts, I’m about to take a long summer vacation from writing and will be online a little less. I’ll be enjoying the Tour de France, the Olympics, my nephews and a lot of Tucson activities. But if you contact me on Facebook/Twitter or by email I’ll still be responding! And I’ll definitely update that news when I can…

Until Fall (or until there’s an update), HAPPY READING!