There are Monsters in New York

If you’re someone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve probably seen me posting about this big ol’ hairy secret that I can’t tell. Well, this week I finally got the okay to tell it, so here it goes:

I’ve just sold two books to Pocket Star, a division of uber-publisher Pocket Books. The first book is currently titled Club Monstrosity and is about a group of monsters, their stories stolen and co-opted by authors and film makers, who live in New York City and attend a weekly support meeting a la A.A. When they begin to be killed off one by one, just like they were in their stories, they must decide if they want to be monsters… or just ordinary people. The main characters are Natalie, a Frankenstein’s monster and Alec, a Wolfman (not a sparkly werewolf).

Here are some questions you may have:

1. WHEN: Right now Pocket is talking about publishing the books next Spring and then a few months later for the second book in the series in the summer, so close together and not long from now! WOOHOO!

2. HOW: Pocket Star is Pocket’s eBook first division, so they will be available as eBooks first, with print to potentially follow. There will be more details about this coming soon.

3. Why not zombies? I do want to write more zombies, but this book was really fun and the idea sang for me and I wrote it. So I hope if you liked the Living with the Dead series, you’ll follow me along to New York and a misfit bunch of monsters trying to fit in. The humor is much the same and Natalie is also quite snarky (though perhaps not quite as much as my darling Sarah).

I’m super stoked about it and super stoked to work with my new editor, Adam Wilson, who I’ve been trying to find a project to fit for years now because he is awesome and geeky and an all-around kewl guy.

In the next few months we’ll be going through editorial on the first book and I’ll start writing the second after a summer break. So come on along on this new journey and trust that I have not abandoned Dave and Sarah… I’m still working on some things for them, as well as some fun short stories. There’s lots about to happen, so buckle up and get ready!


  • Awesome! I can’t wait to read more about these monsters. Even though I’m kind of sad it won’t be books about zombies, I’m glad you’re sticking to the same snarky humour! Good luck with the releases!

    • Jesse Petersen

      Well, I’m definitely not giving up on zombies. Still trying to work something out for D&S and I have another z-idea tickling the back of my head, trying to get fully formed.

  • Justin Lewis

    So stoked about the new series!!! The concept sounds amazing…can’t wait! Who doesn’t love snarky monsters?

  • Leatha Dimas

    Congrats!!!! I’m not a big reader but my sister turned me on to your books and Im hooked!!!! I’ve gotten several co-workers hooked too! I am excited about anything you write, but feel especially connected to Sarah and David’s characters…reminds me of me and my husband! Would love to see more from them too! I was sad when I finished the last one. Keep up the amazing work! Thank you!

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  • Stephanie

    That’s awesome but I demand more D&S. It’s like crack. I read the books in one sitting and can’t wait for the next one. I read the last one on a plane ride from London and the girl next to me read along. More zombie books! 🙂