Info on IN THE DEAD: Volume 2 — Free Stories!!

So many of you have asked me about more zombie books, more Dave and Sarah books, just more in general! If you read my Summer update back in June, you already know that I’ve recently sold two books about monsters in a support group in New York City to Pocket, to be released next Spring. And I’m happy to announce that I will start writing a 4th Dave and Sarah book (Living With the Dead Series) this Fall. I don’t have all the particulars set for publication (whether it will be self-published or come out through a publisher), but there will be one more book in the series for you Dave and Sarah Fans!

In the meantime, though, I will be publishing one short story from what would have been the IN THE DEAD: Volume 2 release here at my website in my blog! FOR FREE! For you! Look for the first tomorrow, August 15 and every month on the 15th in the foreseeable future. The first story is called “Prison Break”. You’ll see some old and new friends popping up and I hope you’ll enjoy the stories.

Until later, Jesse

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  • jon gawne

    oooh! Pocket ! Good for you.

    For all they say about authors making more money self publishing, there is still something really cool about having a well known imprint pick up one of your books.

  • Brandi


  • This is awesome! I’m really glad about the Dave and Sarah book because there was still more at the end of the last book. 🙂