Jesse in the Off Season

Here at the site we talk a lot about books. I mean, duh, it’s a site about my books, so it’s kind of a no-brainer. But I do, shockingly, actually have a life outside of sitting at a computer thinking about zombies and monsters and paranormal stuff (oh my). I thought, every once in a while, it might be fun to show you a tiny glimpse into my “normal” life.

This is my mountain:

This is actually the backside of it, the view from my office window is a little different. When we came to Tucson a little over a year ago, our beautiful mountain was the big reason we bought our house. I knew the window with the clearest view would be my office. So now I sit there, pretty much every day of the week, and look out at it while I write. Um, I also sometimes spy a little on the neighbors. I mean, they are RIGHT THERE, it’s hard not to notice…

I grew up with another mountain out my window.

You can see Mt. Putnam there a little in the clouds. Having that mountain outside our house was always a settling thing for me. It felt like home because “our mountain” was there. And our new mountain is the same, especially since we lived in the featureless Midwest for so long before we came back West.

So what about you guys? Is there a feature in the world that makes you feel at home? Something that would be missing if you looked outside and it wasn’t there?

  • A few years ago, when my dad passed away, I started to feel this looming sense of homelessness. I had a house, I had a place to stay, but without him it wasn’t really… home. And nowhere was going to feel like home, because for me that feeling was tied up fully in the people who were there. So I spent the last three years drifting from place to place, not feeling like I was part of any of it.

    A couple of months ago I came to a second conclusion: That would have hurt my dad. I had to find a way to crawl out from under this oppressive thing, by hook or by crook. So I found an apartment I could afford, and I moved in. And for the first few days, it still didn’t feel like HOME, you know? Then I finally got to unpacking some boxes and I found it: My dad’s class ring. I put it on a chain and wear it around my neck. He’s with me now, so wherever I am can be home.

  • Jesse Petersen

    Aw, see that’s the best way to find “home”. It’s really about the people living in it.