Give a Girl a Hand?

I’m an author. Shocking. I know you’re all totally shocked.

But seriously, I’m an author and lots of times all you lovely readers ask what you can do to see more books or sooner or how you can generally help me out. Which I love! So here is my compiled list of how reader can help out their favorite authors:

1. Buy the books. Duh. Pre-order them, buy them the first week. You can pre-order Club Monstrosity, for instance, at Amazon and Barnes and Noble .

2. And while you’re pre-ordering, like the books on Amazon and add them to your Goodreads list. All those things help with exposure. Not naked exposure. Book exposure. Which is good.

3. Read the books and review them. Every review on Goodreads, Amazon or Barnes and Noble helps other readers decide who are on the fence about what to buy next. Your honest review about a book could very well push that lovely new reader over the edge and help make a new sale! A new fan for life. You have the power. You’re totally like He-Man. Or She-Ra. Take your pick accordingly.

4. Spread the word. Blog, Facebook, Tweet and share your love with other readers. Buy copies of the books for friends for Christmas (HINT HINT) or birthdays or just to say, “Hey you are an awesome friend.”

Publishing can be a matter of whooshing to the top like a rocket, but sometimes it can also be a matter of inches. And every reader helps make those inches bit by bit. These tips also apply to any of your favorite authors. Trust me, we always appreciate the support. So go forth and do your thing!

  • Good to know. I do a “What I’m Reading” post on Facebook each time I begin a good book, and I include a link to the book on Amazon. I also do a yearly reading list with all of the books I read throughout the year at year’s end. I have never thought about doing a book review as well. I think I’ll start doing those as well. P.S. I’m anxious to get to read Club Monstrosity.

    • Jesse Petersen

      That’s great Pamela! Anything that spreads the word about a book is a wonderful service to authors. I’m anxious to have all of you guys read CLUB MONSTROSITY! You don’t even know…