Documentaries I’ve Liked Lately

Okay, how much do we love Netflix? Seriously, it’s like the best thing ever. Not only do I get to keep up with every television show ever made in history, keep up with movies, watch a bunch of shit I loved as a kid (Um, we watched the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas special over the holiday and…wow. Wow. Wooooow.), but I also get to watch Documentaries. I actually love documentaries. There’s something compelling about reality under a lens, something I might not know about before I watch it. So here are some documentaries I’ve watched lately:

  • The Queen of Versailles — This is about billionaire couple Jacqueline and David Seigel. He made a gozillion dollars in the timeshare buisness and then the economy collapsed and they are on the verge of disaster… and right in the middle of it they were trying to build a hundred million dollar house. Yeah, a hundred million. This movie blew my mind. To be so removed from reality… to be so removed from real relationships… it’s very strange. And totally compelling and worth a view.
  • Kevin — Kevin Gant was a musician in Austin who then roamed away from the industry under mysterious circumstances. The filmmakers find him and try to uncover the story or where he went. It’s very short and not particularly coherent… but that works considering the story.
  • H.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer — Yeah, I love the murder shows. It is an issue. I don’t plan to work on it. This was a fascinating portrait of a reallllllly screwed up dude.
  • Special When Lit: A Pinball Documentary — Follows the pinball industry from the heights of the 50s-90s until the fall of the late 90s until today. An interesting portrait of moving with the time or dying on the vine.
  • Heckler — About just what it says: hecklers to comedians and the response to it. As someone who does a public thing and then gets criticism, it was very interesting. I didn’t always agree, but I got it.
  • Nirvana: Nevermind — A documentary about the making of Nirvana’s pivotal album and it’s awesome. Love hearing from producers and the other guys in the band about those days and how they made them without any thought about what the impact of this album would eventually be.

And I have a ton more on my list, too! Adding some every week. I won’t love all of them, hell, I won’t even finish all of them (I had to stop Paul McCartney is Really Dead because it was… terrible), but it’s fun to have the option to watch something about some topic I never knew I wanted to find out everything about. How about you? Seen any good documentaries lately?

  • Garine Avakian

    Lately, no. But I’m a sucker for anything Titanic or Jack the Ripper related be it books or documentaries.

  • Jonica Courtney

    I just watched one on Netflix called “Craigslist Joe” about a guy who lived for 30 days entirely based on ads from Craigslist. It was really good!!

  • I keep seeing Craislist Joe and I think I’ll have to add it! It looks good.