Question Wednesday: Dave and Sarah = Jesse and Michael??

 On January 2nd I put out a call for questions (in conjunction with a contest) and many of you asked some great ones! Every Wednesday (until I run out of questions), I’ll be answering them here! There may be ones that are related, so I’ll answer multiple questions at once. You can always add a new questions to the queue by posting them as a comment here.

Today’s question is from Charlotte C. and it’s one I get a lot:

Do you base Sarah and David’s relationship on yours with your husband?

There are some really positive things about Sarah and Dave’s relationship, but there are obviously some really negative things too (especially in their first book, MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES). I think I have a lot of qualities in common with Sarah. She has a snarky, self-depricating sense of humor that I also share. I think she’s reasonably tough, rolls with the punches and tends to take pretty good care of herself. I hope I share those qualities.

But Sarah can also be very hard. She’s frustrated with her life when the book starts, frustrated with a person she loves and she is often very rough on Dave. She has her reasons and she changes throughout the book, but I hope I’m nicer than she is and moe patient.

As for Dave, he also has some great qualities. He puts a solid plan together pretty fast and is willing to stand up even if it’s a risk. He wants to protect Sarah and get out alive and he’ll do anything it takes to get there. My husband is defintely that kind of guy. I know in an apocalypse, he would fight to keep us alive. And I would trust him that he could.

But Dave is a little shiftless, especially in the beginning. He’s a lost soul, not sure what he wants to be and he’s pretty happy just to lay around and play videogames until he figures it out. That’s not my guy at all, who is a driven, dedicated person. I’d love it, actually, if he’d let me take the wheel and he’d just chill for a while, but it’s not in his nature.

As for their relationship, we’re friends like D&S. We work well together like they do. But I hope we’re a little gentler, a little kinder. I hope that we’re just… better. In fact, I know we are.

Authors do take from their lives and the lives of those around them, but the best ones reach out and create something new. The character may have a whiff of a real person, but never a whole person overlayed into a story. We make new people. It’s pretty awesome. Then we throw rocks at them for a while before we resolve their problems. And that’s what makes writing (and reading) cool.

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