The 6 Favorite People I Follow on Twitter

Oh Twitter, how I love you. Facebook, you’re good, too, but I feel like I can respond more to general stuff on Twitter, versus the way Facebook makes us set up pages, I can’t see anything my ‘fans’ post there beyond what they put on my page. They both have their value, but sometimes I can get into random conversations with people on Twitter, and you all know how much I love random stuff. So here are my 6 favorite people I follow on Twitter. They are awesome and maybe you’ll like to follow them, too:

1. @Bookbrunette — I don’t remember how we met (Ashley, do you remember), but I’m thinking maybe it was after she read my book, MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES. Ashley says I’m the first zombie book she ever read and now girl is obsessed. She’s hilarious, has great taste in books, talks about zombies and well, I just like her.

2. @pocketafterdark — The twitter for my publisher of my Club Monstrosity series, plus a lot of other awesome books. Sometimes it’s my editor doing the tweeting and he is hilarious anyway. Plus, they like me, they really like me!!!

3. @alyankovic — Why? Cause he’s Weird Al, people. Why else? I like the ha-ha. He brings the ha-ha.

4. @BookChickCity — A review site, but that’s only part of what she tweets about. I like that she actually intercts and talks about more than just a list of what she’s reading and reviewed. Plus, one word… British. The accent makes tweets better, I swear.

5. @geekgirldiva — A lot of people I follow are geekish, or ID themselves as geeks. I like people who post about stuff I like. GGD is one of them.

6.  @TheRunningMike — My hubby. Not only do I like him, but he tweets a lot about running and health, which I know is important to a lot of us with the new year just starting. Need inspiration or help? Follow him.

There are literally thousands more, but those are my Top 6. 🙂 Who do YOU like to follow on Twitter and why?



  • AWWWW!!!! I feel super special!!!

    I TOTALLY remember how we met! It was during my first Zombie Craze in 2011! I emailed you and asked you to participate with your epic awesomeness!

    And I was sooooo freaking EXCITED! I went all super *fangirl* while trying to maintain a collected “calm” so you wouldn’t think I was your freaky Zom-Stalker!!!!

    You rock my face off chick!!!!!

  • Aw, thanks! You are the best!!!

  • Rebecca

    I follow only a few people,
    Wil Wheaton,
    Anne Wheaton

    The Blogess.
    All funny people!