The Zombie Whisperer is Here!!!!

After a very long wait (for me as much as you, trust me), I’m very excited to announce that THE ZOMBIE WHISPERER is now available for order!! A few things about THE ZOMBIE WHISPERER:

  1. It’s available as eBook only. I know, I know that upsets many of you who don’t have eReaders and I understand. However, I’ve opted to self-publish this (as Orbit did not want to continue with the series) and I feel that something is better than nothing. If by some chance we see very strong sales with it, I would definitely consider producing paperbacks, but at this point eBooks is where it is and yelling at me will only make me sad. I can tell you that Kindle and Nook both have free reader apps for PC computers and most Smartphones. The Smartphone reader for Kindle is especially very good and I highly recommend it. So there are still options for pretty much anyone, whether you have a dedicated reader or pad or not.
  2. It’s the 4th book in the Living With the Dead Series. You can see all the details and read excerpts for the other three books here. Normally I wouldn’t say that you have to read my books in order, but in the case of THE ZOMBIE WHISPERER, I would say it will make a lot more sense and you’ll know the characters better (including revisists of secondary characters) if you read the other books first. So hey, buy them all, make me happy and have yourself a big old zombie fest.
  3. It’s also the last book in the Living With the Dead series. Although I love Dave and Sarah, I feel like their questions have been answered and their lives come to a nice spot at the end of this book. I could see myself doing another set of short stories and Dave and Sarah could very well show up in one of those, but this is the end for them.
  4. Read all the way to the end, because there’s a special excerpt of CLUB MONSTROSITY after the book! The other series may be ending, but there’s a new series starting from Pocket at the end of April and I want you all to be a part of it. So check it out and give it a pre-order!

So now you have all the details, what are you waiting for? Go order it! Read it, hopefully love it, leave it a review somewhere!

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