Thank you again for all the questions! There were some really good ones and my queue is filled up for quite a while for Question Wednesday, which will start next week. The winner of the copy of THE ZOMBIE WHISPERER (gifted as a Kindle or Nook copy when the book is released) will be…..

Garine Avakian who asked: If zombies weren’t brain dead slobs, how would a family of four plus their extended family of zombies uncles, aunts, cousins and embarrassing relatives celebrate New Years?

Which I thought was a very funny question and the answer is… if zombies weren’t brain dead slobs, would it be as fun? But I suppose they’d get into some silly argument about something that happened last year and then head to Times Square to ‘party’ and by party, I mean, eat a TON of people just as the ball fell. Maybe they’d make resolutions, too.

Eat More Brains
Rot Less
Groan Softer

That sort of thing…. I suppose even zombies want to self-improve when the calendar switches.

Anyway, Garine you can email me at and let me know if you want a Kindle or Nook copy. I’ll send it to you once the book is out in a week or so. For the rest of you, look for me to answer the questions over the next, um, loooooong time every Wednesday for Question Wednesday starting next week, January 9.