Catching Up on The Walking Dead: Season 2

t-shirt-zombie-400When The Walking Dead started airing on AMC, I actually did recaps for Orbit for the entire first season. I loved it, just like everyone else, although I had so many problems with the female characters (you’ll see that doesn’t change much as I catch up). Eventually those problems kind of made the show hard for me to watch and I got… behind. Like WAY behind. Like, it’s been recording on the DVR and I have episodes from February 2012 (or second season) on it. Yeah. That much behind.

But now that mid-season 3 is starting again, I realized I’ve GOT to check up. So I started watching again a couple of weeks ago and I thought I would recap from where I left off. They won’t be full recaps, but more my impressions of how I feel as I catch up. So I give you to start:

Season 2 Recap (at least half of it)

Where I left off: Rick and the Scooby Crew were at the farm, Rick killed Sophia and the barn walkers. All the female characters sucked in varying ways.

2/12/12 Nebraska: A decent episode that deals with the emotional fall-out of the barn walker killings. The show really excels at that. Hershel leaves the farm in mourning, Rick and Glenn follow him to a bar and they are confronted with some outsiders who totally want to kill them and rape their women. Rick shoots them because he is a badass. But man, Lori is still AWFUL. Just terrible.

2/19/12 Triggerfinger: Damn, Lori didn’t die in that car wreck. Anyway, Rick is epicly badass. And then they almost cut off the leg of a guy who was shooting at them and got impaled by a fence. Instead, Rick rips the guy’s leg off the fence and they take him as a sort of hostage they’re helping. There will be fallout from this. Oh and Shane was super cray-cray.

2/26/12 18 Miles Out: Shane and Rick take hostage boy out away from the farm to set him free. Instead they get in a fistfight, Shane nearly kills Rick (AGAIN) and somehow Rick thinks it’s all worked out after a good old fashion wrench throwing. There’s some great dialogue in the episode but one thing that troubles me again and again is how often ALL the characters let their emotions control the situation to the point where they nearly get eaten by zombies again and again. There is a time for arguing and a time for killing. If you can’t do both, then pick killing.

3/4/12 Judge, Jury, Executioner: Another “Where’s Carl?” episide. Good Lord. Get it together Scooby gang. But there are some great moments between characters like when Glenn and Hershel talk about family. Of course in the end they kill their moral compass, Dale. Becuase anyone who ceases to worship in the Cult of Rick must die in this show.

3/11/12 Better Angels: We open with a scene straight out of Goodfellas where everyone stomps zombie heads in. “For Dale!!” Rick is continuingly blind to Shane and Andrea and their schemes. Seriously. How many times does a dude have to try to kill you before you stop trusting him? We’re about to find out, but more on that later. A side note: All the cars on the farm are super clean. Whose job is it to wash them? And then Lori confides in Shane, which makes her such a bitch. STOP LORI. Just STOP. Every time she encourages him, Shane gets crazier. So Rick is forced to kill him before Shane does the deed first. Or course stupid Carl is out roaming the universe unattended, so he stumbles upon this cozy scene and ends up killing Shane when Shane reanimates. So it turns out now everyone will become a zombie if they die, bitten or not. Crap-buckets.

3/18/12 Beside the Dying Fire: Holy shit theirs a helicopter. But that’s not important. As usual no one is watching Carl and there are tons of zombies. The entire Scooby Crew is really D-U-M-B. But the zombie siege in the episode was pretty cool. But I need one of Hershel’s shotguns that you never have to load. And I know I harp on Lori but she is just so awful. She acts all pissed at Rick when she finds out he killed Shane. But she screwed Shane four minutes after she thought Rick was dead, lead him on every since and she never watches that damn kid. Situation: CAUSED BY HER. So when Rick makes the switch to the Ricktatorship, I am totally in.

With that, Season 2 ends, with most of my least favorite characters still alive. Damn. It.

Soon I’ll start Season 3 and I know Lori will finally be gone, praise the heavens! You’ll know when I get to it when you hear me hooting in pleasure.

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