Childhood Flashbacks: Why Toy Hunter Makes Me Squeal

Have you guys been watching Toy Hunter on the Travel Channel? It’s a reality show about Jordan Hembrough, a toy collector and dealer who goes out into the world and seeks out collectible toys from people’s attics, collector rooms, basements and just about everywhere. He buys them and then resells in his store, at shows and online.

Sounds kind of meh, I know. But seriously, it is AMAZING!!!!

But let me back up. I am a child of the 80s. I loved Star Wars, My Little Pony, Care Bears, Rainbow Bright. My brother was (and is) an AVID toy lover. He had He-Man, GI Joe, Transformers, all the great toys of the 80s. Later, he blew many of them up with fireworks. Because he’s a boy. But we had a lot of love for those toys and spent lots of hours playing and imagining our own worlds. It was the bomb.

So back to Jordan and The Toy Hunter. When he goes out, he is almost always looking (and finding) the toys from my childhood. I squee more watching this show than I probably do watching anything else but cute cat videos. My poor husband always has to listen to me saying, “We had that scooter!” or “Oh, yeah, Billy pulled the legs off of that Vader”. It’s a trip and so fun to revisit some old friends.

And beyond that cool factor and how cool it is to hear values on beloved toys, Jordan is awesome. He is kind, he is knowledgable and unlike a lot of “reality” stars, he is fair. He never wants to rip someone off. In fact, I’ve seen uneducated toy lovers offer to take $5 on a toy and Jordan has come back to offer $200 because he’s not going to be a jerk and take way less than something is worth.

Basically, if you ever loved a Thundercat or Teela from He-Man, set this show on your DVR. It’s the bomb. Here’s a little clip shared from The Travel Channel:

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