My Top 3 Writing Nightmares

As a writer, there are moments I have experienced that have made me cringe. Luckily there are more that have made me smile, but I can say there are things that make me… cringe-y. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, cold sweat dripping off of me, after some horrible writing-related dreams. Want to know what my worst ones are?

1. Plagiarism. I have seen people having their blogs plagiarized, their books plagiarized and even being accused falsely of plagiarism. Any of the above are big nightmares of mine. Actually, I was plagiarized once by a woman who almost word-for-word ripped off my old site for writers. She was awful and I had to put good time and money out to get her to cease and desist. Which sucked. I really don’t want to have to repeat that. *Shudder*

2. Oh sorry, you have to rewrite that. Now. Entirely. Actually, this also happened to me. Maybe these nightmares are just flashbacks. Anyway, I have horrible nightmares about finishing a book, being super satisfied with it, and then having an editor decide it has to be entirely rewritten for some reason that I don’t agree with. In another writing life, I disagreed, we fought it and the rewrite got set aside. But that “just rewrite it, we’ll give you a month” scenario is pretty much enough to make me twitch.

3. Annnnd we’re bankrupt, but we are still  doing stuff with your rights. This one happened to a lot of people I knew when Dorchester went under. They were still selling books, but not sending out royalites and refusing to return rights. Or “returning them” but then still selling books illegally. And since they were going under, it was almost impossible to have recourse. It was horrible to watch and I can imagine it was even worse to endure, especially when you’re depending on royalties to pay bills.

I’m kind of realizing now that most of my writing nightmares are actually publishing nightmares (except the plagiarism thing, which is a writing AND a publishing nightmare). So what do you think thes nightmares say about me? And if you’re a writer, what are your ‘worst case scenarios’?

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