My Top 5 Productivity Time Suckers

This is not a statement that will shock you, but I’m on the computer a LOT. Between writing and promoting and also being a huge nerd, it’s kind of ridiculous how much I’m clicking around. Sometimes that’s good! I get a lot of pages done every day on my books and I can have fun interacting with readers online.

But sometimes, I’m just screwing around. And here are my Top 5 Productivity Time Suckers (most of them online):

1. Pinterest. One day Pinterest showed up in my life and now I could waste DAYS on that site. I pin potential cover art or pictures of people who look like heroes and heroines, sure. But mostly I’m just reading fake text screen shots, laughing at funny animal pictures and trying to find gluten free recipes.

2. Facebook. Yeah, I know I said it was a good thing to be able to connect with readers, but I also have my ‘real me’ person page like everyone else and I find myself getting sucked in to what so and so is eating for lunch or the link that someone else posted. The worst part is that since Facebook is part of my job, I can even pretend I’m really doing something work-y.

3. Mahjong Tiles. This one isn’t online (I mean, i’m sure it is online, but the one I use isn’t online). It’s just a game using Mahjong pieces where they’re stacked into a pattern and you have to match them without trapping them in and I could play it ALL FREAKING DAY.

4. Laundry. Actually, let’s call this all housekeeping. Especially when I’m stuck in a book, it’s just way to easy to start a load of laundry, say I’m doing something important and never come back again that day. And it is important because no matter how many times I clean this damn house, the dirt gnomes come make it dirty again. And I hate them.

5. Halo 4. Yes, I love video games. I especially love the Halo series since you can play two-person co-op. So now this latest game comes out and not only do you have the story mode to play through (I don’t play online) but then they add this Spartan Ops thing where every week they add additional story and chapters for free (as long as you have XBox Live, which we totally do). It’s awesome! And super smart because every Monday I will run a cat over in my slippers to see what the new chapters and challenges are. Because that’s how I roll.

I don’t know, maybe it means I should get up and stretch more or something. In the meantime, what are YOUR big distractions? Please, give me more things to suck away my productivity with…

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  • My Distractions? I have to say, i’m always on a computer, sometimes because i’m reading a book, but mostly, i’m reading fanfictions and watching series. I have facebook and twitter, but, just in the background. I have to say that it’s sad since i sould be studying… but you know how it is when you begin to read something interesting…