Collaborate and Listen

After thirteen and a half years of writing, I know a lot of other writers. A lot of my friends are writers, actually. Recently someone asked me why I’d never collaborated on a project with anyone. Now they didn’t mean in an anthology, where I would write my own short story and then be a part of a collection, but truly collaborate. A project where there would be co-authors.

It’s an interesting question. There are certainly many authors who co-write books with authors. One of my favorites is Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Obviously neither of these gentlemen needed to write a book together, as they were both very popular at the time they collaborated, but they made something amazing together, one of my favorite books in the genre

For me, though, I’ve never found that the idea makes sense. First, it’s not exactly like a Neil Gaiman has ever asked me to write a book with him (shocking, I know). It would be very hard for a very small author like me to turn down an offer from a larger author to collaborate on a project. But honestly, I really don’t know how those who work together do it. My plotting is regimented, my schedule is very steady (except when I freak out and write a bunch out of pure exhileration) and I write pretty clean the first draft through. I would think I’d drive a less regimented author crazy (and vice versa).

That isn’t to say it would never happen, but I’m just not sure how it would exactly work considering my mode of operation.

So do you have any favorite collaborations for books? Any two authors you’d love to see write something together?

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