My Favorite Websites

As mentioned previously in my Time Suck post, I am a bit of an internet person. I swear, I really need an unplugged machine, but I would die. When the zombie apocalypse comes, I’m going to be the zombie sitting in an internet cafe, pressing a button over and over again while the tiny light of my previous light goes out. So here are the websites I visit most:

1. Facebook – I generally stop here several times a day. But I call it work because I stop by my Jesse Petersen Author Page. That makes it work. Right? Well, that’s what I tell myself anyway. I really do love Facebook and how I can connect with friends who don’t live close by. I actually kind of LIKE knowing what people had for lunch. So maybe it’s all geared toward me.

2. Wedinator — I’m married, I’m not planning a wedding, but I freaking LOVE Wedinator. Because your special day is… hilarious. Between the ridiculousness and the geekery, it makes me feel like I’m in hog heaven. And it’s part of the Cheezburger family. So you know it’s good.

3. Netflix — I stop by here at least once a day to check out new releases and see if anything on my queue is going to expire. It’s a sickness.

4. Television Without Pity — Did I mention in my guilty pleasures post that I watch… The Bachelor? Um. Yeah. I know that makes my geek card go away, but I do. Television Without Pity is the best resource around for forums and recaps of pretty much all shows. But especially the creamy, cheesy Bachelor goodness.

5. Pinterest — PINTEREST!!!!!!!! Yeah, I’m not going to say much more. But again, I can call this work since I have boards about my books and zombies and monsters and such on there. Right? Check it out and see what you think.

Yeah, I should really spend less time online maybe. Next month. Or maybe after the summer…

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