Classic Monster Movies

youngfrankensteinThere’s something about a classic monster movie that has always appealed to me. Bela Lagosi as Dracula, Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s Monster, Lon Chaney as the Phantom of the Opera, those old black and white movies have always appealed to me.

Maybe it’s the weird lighting that makes them special. Like when Dracula is about to bite Mina and the light is so stark that everyone is super white and their eyes are all big and creepy. It’s silly and scary all at once. The costumes from those early movies are also really cool. They are very evocative of the early age of movies. They flow and because many of the movies are black and white, they have a starkness to them that is really beautiful.

Or maybe I loved them when I was young for the fact that they aren’t really scary and as a kid with too much imagination, things that were too scary were a little too much for me. Whatever it is. I’m a fan.

I also love movies that evoke that old-timey horror feeling. Gene Wilder had some great ones. Young Frankenstein (which is HILARIOUS) and Haunted Honeymoon are two of my favorites. I hope I capture a little bit of the feeling of all these movies in Club Monstrosity.

So are you a fan of those old horror movies?

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