Club Monstrosity Release Day!!

Club MontrosityThe day is here!! Finally, after months of writing, editing, selling, celebrating and waiting, Club Monstrosity is finally on shelves. Well, okay, on readers near you! So here are a few things you need to know:

1. I love this book! I fought to have it published and now it’s here, thanks in great part to my awesome literary agent Miriam Kriss, my terrific editor Adam Wilson and my fabulous publisher Pocket Star. I hope you’ll all love it as much and BUY IT!!

2. The book is available in e-format-only… at least for now. All Pocket Star books are e-books first, with a potential to see them in print at a future date. I have no details about print, but we did discuss this book and The Monsters In Your Neighborhood being published as a single volume in print. That will likely happen if this book does reasonably well. So if you’d like to have a print copy, think about buying an e-copy now! It’s only $2.99!!

3. It is the first book in a series. The Monsters In Your Neighborhood (July 2013) is the second book. Will there be more? I don’t know. I’m pondering. I could write about my monsters forever, so we’ll have to see if there will be a Book 3-23.

So now what are you waiting for? Go buy it!!!

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