Introducing Alec Dunham, Wolfman

AlecWerewolves and Wolfmen legends have been around forever. One of the earliest comes from 1591 and involves a rape-y, murder-y farmer who liked to dress like a wolf and chase little girls. Charming. That, obviously, is not what I was going for when I created the character of Alec Dunham in Club Monstrosity. I wanted more Teen Wolfish (one of my favorite werewolf movies) than Killer Raping Wolves From the Middle Ages.

So I made him sort of laid back, funny and obsessed with body hair. He’s a ladies man, using his feral charm to seduce the ladies, even though he never takes much seriously. Oh, and he has a hard time keeping a job. Night hours and the occasional stealing from the delivery truck never looks good on a resume.

But the thing that happened in the book that surprised me most about Alec was how he really stepped up when the monsters in the support group started dying. He believes in Natalie and somehow they make each other just a little… better.

Of course it remains to be seen if they’ll survive to figure out what that means. Want to know more?

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