Introducing Kai: Mummy Businesswoman

KaiMummies are sort of an interesting monster to me. I’ve always loved Egyptian history, in fact my first published novella was set in Egypt (written under my Jess Michaels name). I never miss a chance to see the Egyptian area in the Met when I go to New York. We went to see the Tut stuff when it came through Chicago a few years ago (before we moved to Arizona).

I’ve also always loved mummy movies. The Brendan Frasier/Rachel Wiesz movies from the 90s are some of my favorites (that is one sexy mummy, thanks Arnold Vosloo), but the classic mummy movies from the 30s have their charm. Maybe it’s because, unlike zombies, mummies still have free will. It might be murderous free will, but they aren’t mindless.

So when I decided to write a book featuring monsters, I knew I had to have a mummy! Enter Kai. Because she’s had such a long life, she’s very smart, very successful and very driven. She’s sort of a hard-as-nails business woman and I loved giving her great shoes and terrific hair and an obsession with finding good moisturizer. If fact, she even uses her position in her pharmaceutical company to follow that obsession.

But Kai’s reaction to the murder of the other monsters in the book was also fun to explore. Being the oldest also makes her quite jaded. Plus, she has a secret. To find out what it is… you’ll just have to read the book.

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