Introducing Natalie Gray, Frankenstein’s Monster

NatalieThere’s just something about Frankenstein’s Monster. Mary Shelley really created a truly sad and fearful creature in her 1818 classic, FRANKENSTEIN. The Creature is violent, but also confused. And the Doctor is both brilliant and utterly mad, with no thought for the consequences of his actions for either his creation or those that creation will encounter. It’s truly a great book and I recommend it if you haven’t done so.

When I had an idea for a monster book, my Frankenstein’s Monster character, Natalie Gray, was the first one I thought of. I knew she would be the central part of the story.

So what’s the deal with Natalie?

Well, she’s a Frankenstein’s Monster, one of many her ‘father’ made during a manic period of creation and destruction. She’s been running her entire ‘life’, getting chased by pitchfork-wielding villagers and she has some… issues regarding that (which is part of why she’s in therapy).

Life has been pretty quiet for her lately, though. She has a job at the morgue in New York City. Although there’s irony there consider what Dear Old Dad was into, it gives her an excuse for any body odor issues that might crop up. She always wears long sleeves to cover up her scars. But she has an apartment and no one has chased her for decades.

But in our most serene moments, chaos tends to intrude. And that’s what happens when some of Natalie’s monster friends begin to pop up dead via their book and movie plots. Will Natalie figure it out? Will Natalie make friends with pitchforks again? Will Natalie run like hell?

You’ll just have to wait and see…

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