Monsters In the Real World

Club MontrosityOne of the most fun aspects of writing Club Monstrosity for me was thinking about what monsters might go through in the real world. Being a bit of an outcast during certain periods of my life, it wasn’t that much of a reach for me to think about how being really, really different might make someone feel. So here is my take on Monsters in the Real World:

The Challenges:

All of my monsters are in hiding. Not a one of them is out and proud, being all monstrous in public. But unlike a lot of things that people hide about themselves, most of them can’t be ‘normal’ without help. Natalie the Frankenstein’s Monster is horribly scarred, Alec the Wolfman battles constantly with hair issues, poor Linda the Swamp Dweller is green and scaly, for heaven’s sake! They are forced to cover up physically and emotionally, except when they’re in that church basement talking about their feelings.

The Worries:

So why are my monsters in hiding? Well, they’ve all had a rather long history (hundreds of years for most of them) of being attacked, brutalized, outed and chased with pitchforks. In today’s modern world they have to worry about cell phone cameras, security cameras and Twitter if even one person sees them or suspects what they are. Natalie says in best in the book… she doesn’t want to move again, she doesn’t want to hide again. She certainly doesn’t want to be burned alive on a pyre in Times Square as some kind of random mob revenge. The fear and the consequences are so real to all the monsters that it colors every aspect of their lives.

The Facts:

So what do you need to know about monsters in the real world? They’re just people too. People who can turn into bats or are invisible or whatever, but they’re still filled with humanity. They want to be loved, accepted, treated with respect and be left alone. Gee, sounds like all of us on a lot of days. The book isn’t political. It’s funny (I hope) and snarky and has all the craziness you’d want, but maybe there’s a tiny grain of truth about life and wanting to be ‘normal’ in a world where normal is something that resides on shifting sands.

I guess we’ll have to see if you agree when it comes out Monday.

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