No Foolin’ April is Monster Month

Happy April Fool’s Day! I’m not much of a prankster and I don’t really liked getting pranked (last year my SIL and BIL convinced us our nephew had hurt his hand. Seriously. Dude. I still haven’t forgiven you two. I will have my revenge. But it will be cold and you will never see it coming. Anyway, sorry, instead of pranking all of you, I thought I’d tell you what is going to happening here in April.

clubmonstrosityApril 29th is the release of CLUB MONSTROSITY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it, but we really, truly, NO FOOLIN’ are in release month for a book that I’ve been carting around in my heart and in my computer for years. I’m in love with my monsters, I hope you will be in love with my monsters and buy them and make them wildly successful and keep me employed for many years to come. LOL

To celebrate this momentus, almost-release-day occasion, I am officially declaring April to be Monster Month here at the site! What does that mean? Well, I’ll still be answering your usual questions on Wednesdays (and don’t forget you can always add a question to the queue by posting your question as a comment to any Wednesday blog) but on Mondays and Fridays the rest of the month all my blogs will be monster-related. You’ll get to find out more about the characters of CLUB MONSTROSITY, the backstory of where the story came from and a lot about other monsters in fiction and movies.

It should be tons o’ fun and that’s no foolin’! So I hope you’ll come by each Mon, Wed, Fri to the blog and check out what’s in store for Monster April!

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