Swamp Dwellers: What the Hell?

When I started writing Club Monstrosity, I decided to create a monster that is semi my own. Linda is a Swamp Dweller. Now she may bear somewhat of a resemblance to some other monsters but for purposes of copyrighting and not losing my shirt in a lawsuit, she’s kind of her own thing. Linda is a lizard or fish-type creature whose body is covered in scales. This means she has to wear heavy make-up to cover up who and what she is.

I had a lot of fun with Linda. I wanted her to be a strong piece of evidence that movie and book monsters have it wrong. Poor Linda is rather meek, she cries a lot, and she is very needy. In The Monsters In Your Neighborhood, you’ll get to see a bit of a different side to her, but for Club Monstrosity, she is about as benign as a monster can get.

Which lent itself to a lot of questions. What about a monster who is afraid of everything, even herself? A monster who refuses to be a monster on even the most basic level? When she’s pushed to the edge, when she’s out on her own, will she buckle? Will she try harder to fit in or fall apart?

Only time will tell…

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