Move Or Die: Changes in Publishing

A cow [15/365]
publicenergy / / CC BY-NC

Did you know that there are certain breeds of cattle who will sit down when frightened or confused and just lay there until they die? Seriously, they will not listen to their internal cow voice that says, “shit, I better get up and eat or something”. People are supposed to be smarter, I guess, but sometimes I wonder. We are so freaked out by change in our lives that I think some of us do that cow thing and just lay down and wait for something, someone to save us. And that just might never happen.

You see it any time big changes happen. For instance, in music. At first, the music industry ignored digital usage. Then they pursued it to shut it down. Then they held their hands up and screamed about it. Then they began to embrace it. In the meantime, artists were doing something of the same thing. Some ‘fought the man’ trying to get digital sharing stopped. Others saw the inevitable and realized they could make it work for them if they went about it right. There were places that moved on. There were places that laid down to die.

And the same is true with authors. Now that eBooks and digital and self-publishing are mainstream, I see authors who are sitting down in the pasture. There are massive changes in publishing, but they don’t know what to do, they don’t know how to learn what to do (or they don’t want to learn what to do) and so they sit down and wait for a farmer to come jolt them to their feet with a cattle prod.

Only the farmer may never come.

Change will come and it’s scary and weird and awful and awesome and amazing and sometimes opens doors to us that we never even imagined. So we might as well get up and walk. We move or we die. In all things.

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