Comedy in Fiction

So I’m a bit of a multiple personality. Sybil might be my next pen name. I write dark, erotic historical romance as Jess Michaels… not funny. But in 2009, I had an idea for a different kind of story. With zombies. And it ended up being hilarious. But I also felt like the humor in Married With Zombies served a purpose beyond entertaining myself.


Zombie Walk (31) - 16Oct10, Paris (France)First, humor brings reality to a story. Most of us are not entirely angst-driven. We crack jokes, often inappropriate jokes, in our darkest moments. To me, that translates really well into the humor inbooks. My heroine, Sarah and hero, Dave, are snarky. They bicker. They make pop culture references… and it was all fun.

Plus, humor lightens darkness. In my case, zombies and the death of friends and family could easily be a very dark, bleak subject. But turning that on its head adn making it all into a huge face, something to laugh at, really changed the entire complexion of the story and made it unique.

So I’m all for humor, especially snarky sarcasm. Maybe because it’s a little bit… “me”.