Falling in Love… With Birds

bigyearA few months ago, my husband and I were watching The Big Year. It has Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson (some of my favorite comedic actors) as three birders trying for a “big year”, which is when birders try to see as many birds as they can between midnight January 1st and midnight December 31. Although these three comedians didn’t exactly have HUGE comedic moments in the movie, we totally loved it.

So a few weeks later, we were at the Tucson Festival of Books and stopped by the Audobon Society booth. We talked to a very nice lady who asked if we were interested in birding. We told her about watching the movie. I thought she would cry. She was so excited that The Big Year had sparked our interest. Long story short, we signed up for the Audobon Society and started our life lists of birds we had seen.

And we fell in love. Arizona is a wonderful place to bird. Tons of birds pass through this region during the winter so we can see a lot of really002 beautiful birds. Our life lists are growing and we’re kind of starting to recognize birds even. We’re a couple who likes weird, different hobbies and I think birds, which I’ve always been attracted to, as witnessed by my awesome bird tattoo that I got in 2009,  are a good one.

Any other birders out there? Any tips on how to be a better birder?

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